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I’m Anglica Romero, but my friends call me Angie, I live in the state of Mexico (Chicoloapan) very close to Texcoco, I am an English teacher, I love teaching English because I really have fun with all my University students, I am very outgoing and I love enjoying everything I do as it were the last time. I love learning languages, actually I am a French student, I love meeting people, to know new vocabulary and idiomatic expressions in English or French,I also like to know about people’s culture and the place where they live, I would also like to talk about mine and I wouldn’t mind to help other persons that are learning Spanish to practice my language with them. I would like to meet peope from Cnada, France, England, The United States or other country where people speak principally French or English, for me the age, religion, profession, marital status, gender, etc. are not important because I am olny looking for new friends around the world because I consider that, that way, I would learn and practice many things that will never be in a book. Please email me principally in French... I really LOVE this language!!

Mexico Mexico, State of Mexico

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