What's it all about?

PensaisFinder is different in the way that we are focused on helping our users find friends to write via regular mail.

It is strange because it's an Internet website and we could make communication much faster by allowing our members exchange emails or private messages through the website. But is not our goal.

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe in charm of real physical objects that one can touch. I love letters that make thousands of kilometers and don't get lost. PenpalsFinder is for people who feel the same way. You take time to write each letter and take it to the post office, that makes it special that makes it mean something.

What I really hate about other penpal websites is spam and mass mailings sent to a number of potential "friends". Here on PenpalsFinder I will do my best not to let this kind of people in. I will not tolerate spam or scam in any way. People doing that will be banned forever.

PenpalsFinder was created back in 2003 or so and it has been put to sleep in 2007. It's time to bring it back to life.